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Núm. 59 (2012) The state of tourism management and planning in the protected areas of Panama. The case of the Chiriquí Gulf National Marine Park, Panama Resumen   PDF
Yolanda Pérez Albert , Marta Nel-Lo Andre
Núm. 43 (2007) The structural components of the declaration protected areas policy of Canary Islands: the change of paradigm from the territorial perspective Resumen   PDF
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Núm. 69 (2015) The structure of employment centres in the metropolitan region of Santiago (Chile): spacial and funcional centralization Resumen   PDF
Severino Escolano Utrilla , J. Ortiz Véliz , R. Moreno Mora
Núm. 54 (2010) The study about territorial role of the transport interchanges. revision and methodological proposal Resumen   PDF
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Núm. 50 (2009) The territorial cohesion concept: scales of application, measurement systems and derivative policies Resumen   PDF
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Núm. 46 (2008) The territorial dimension of a competitive governance in sustainability Resumen   PDF
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Núm. 63 (2013) The territorial dimension of the residental process in the tourist towns to Canary Islands Detalles   PDF
Moisés R. Simancas Cruz, Juan Israel Gar
Núm. 56 (2011) The touristic valencian coast. Interests and controversies in a territory tensed by the residencialism Resumen   PDF
Emilio M. Obiol Menero , María Dolores Pitarch Garrido
Núm. 46 (2008) The transformations of the forest at the time of the “desamortizaciones” inside the Duero Basin Resumen   PDF
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Núm. 51 (2009) The understanding of the Spanish agrarian landscapes: an approach through their representations Resumen   PDF
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Núm. 47 (2008) The urban heat island in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: intensity, distribution and conditioning factors Resumen   PDF
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Núm. 62 (2013) The urban image of Santiago de Compostela (Spain): a study of its public, media, marketing and artistic representation Detalles   PDF
Luis Alfonso Escudero Gómez
Núm. 55 (2011) The use of digital image mapping and resource training as secondary. Some details about a Google Earth Resumen   PDF
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Núm. 60 (2012) The use of matrix diagnoses in strategic planning for inland tourism areas: a methodological proposal applied to the interior of the Alicante province Detalles   PDF
Daniel Díez Santo
Núm. 55 (2011) The value of a geographical perspective on the analysis of urban public spaces Resumen   PDF
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Núm. 51 (2009) The value, significance and identity of the Spanish countryside and of rural landscapes according to Unamuno Resumen   PDF
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Núm. 58 (2012) The wildland-urban interface: a new risk prone area in Spain Resumen   PDF
Luis Galiana Martín
Núm. 52 (2010) Theoretical bases of local Agenda 21 and its application in Castile-la Mancha (Spain) Resumen   PDF
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Núm. 61 (2013) Tipología y organización del paisaje en Muntanyes d’Ordal (Barcelona) Resumen   PDF
David Serrano Giné
Núm. 44 (2007) Tourism activity in Andalusia. A set of indicators and its distribution and evolution Resumen   PDF
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Núm. 57 (2011) Tourism and climate change in Asturias. Evidences and potential effects Resumen   PDF
Luis Valdés Peláez Belén Gómez Martín A
Núm. 48 (2008) Tourism and hotel accommodation in Cantabria (Spain). Some bases for a regional analysis of tourism activity Resumen   PDF
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Núm. 50 (2009) Tourism, employment and immigration in Spain. An analysis of the situation in the communities of Murcia, the Canary Islands, Valencia and Andalusia Resumen   PDF
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Núm. 67 (2015) Tourism in the city of Cáceres (1986-2010): a quarter century of success Resumen   PDF
J. I. Rengifo Gallego , A. J. Campesino
Núm. 57 (2011) Tourism in the context of a general sustainable development strategy in Catalonia Resumen   PDF
Francesc Romagosa Gerda K. Priestley An
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