Associate Professor in Human Geography – SVT-1247 – NTNU (Norway)

Associate Professor in Human Geography – SVT-1247 – NTNU (Norway)

The Department of Geography of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim is announcing a :

permanent position as Associate Professor in Human Geography specializing in Urban and Regional Development (code 1011).

Application deadline: 28 November 2015.

Currently, the Department employs 9 Professors, 10 Associate Professors and 12 PhD candidates. The Department has defined four

strategic areas: Climate, vulnerability, adaptation and mitigation; Environment, resources, management; Mobility, transnationalism and

inequality; and Innovation in industry and society.

The available position relates to one or both of the following strategic areas at the Department: Mobility, transnationalism and inequality,

and/or Innovation in industry and society. In addition, the position is seen in relation to one of NTNU’s four strategic research areas,

namely Sustainability including the topic Sustainable urban development.


The Associate Professor will have specific responsibility for research and teaching within urban and regional development. In addition,

the Associate Professor will be responsible for teaching courses in basic geographical theory and methods. He or she will be required to

participate in teaching activities in accordance with the relevant curriculum and to take part in further developing the teaching program.

The Associate Professor will participate in work connected with student exams without special remuneration. He or she will also be

expected to supervise master’s students, research fellows and doctoral candidates in his/her discipline and must participate in

administrative work.

The Associate Professor will take an active part in developing the Department’s research activities. He or she will also have the right and

obligation to carry out research within his/her professional field and to be jointly responsible for academic matters together with other

academic staff in the Department. The Associate Professor will be obliged to follow the regulations that concerns changes and

developments within the discipline and/or the organizational changes concerning activities at NTNU.


The Associate Professor must demonstrate research competence within Human Geography related to urban and regional development,

with a specific focus on the urban dimensions of such development. Topics of relevance are sustainable urban and regional

development, issues concerning inequality in an urban or regional context, and innovation in an urban or regional context. Specific

competence within a quantitative methodological/GIS approach is preferred.

The successful applicant must document comprehensive professional qualifications within major areas of the field. The successful

applicant must document scientific competence (PhD) in one or several parts of the professional field, with particular weight on the areas

where he or she has had a specific responsibility to initiate and lead research and development work. Applicants with documented ability

to publish in recognized international scientific journals will be prioritized. In the evaluation process, scientific work from the past five

years will be given particular weight.

Any person employed without university pedagogic competence and without documented equivalent qualifications will be required to

attend and complete a course in university pedagogics within two years. NTNU offers such courses.

In addition, pedagogical qualifications will be evaluated. The evaluation will be based on documented pedagogical material, pedagogical

education, presentational skills in the applicant’s scientific work and experience in supervising PhD or master’s candidates, teaching and

pedagogical background of other types. Total quality will be evaluated. The best qualified candidates will be invited to deliver a trial

lecture and attend an interview at the Department.

For further information see:

Personal skills and motivation to contribute to a good working environment will be ascribed high importance.

Payment and working conditions

The Associate Professor, code 1011, is paid according to salary level 57 to level 77 in the national salary scheme, gross NOK 483 400 –

711 500 annually. Two percent of gross salary is deducted for the State Pension Scheme.

The appointment is to be made in accordance with the regulations in force concerning State Employees and Civil Servants. The

employee is expected to accept possible changes in work tasks. Primary residency in Trondheim is a prerequisite.

The total obligation to work shall be divided into research within the field, teaching and administration. The division between these fields

of work obligation will vary, but approximately equal time should be devoted to research and teaching.

Employees in academic positions who are not already fluent in a Scandinavian language must within three years obtain knowledge of

Norwegian or another Scandinavian language at an equivalent standard to Level 3 in the Norwegian for Foreigners courses provided at

the Department of Language and Literature, NTNU. The University provides such courses.


Applicants must within the application deadline submit the following documents through the application website

– Application

– CV and authorized documentation of certificates and study records

– Academic work (normally 5-10 such submissions)

– A description of all academic work that the applicant considers most significant and that he/she wishes the evaluation committee

to pay particular attention to.

– A list of all publications with bibliographical references.

Joint work will be evaluated. If it is difficult to identify the contributions from individuals in a joint piece of work, applicants must enclose a

short descriptive summary of what he/she contributed to the work.

It is a major political objective to achieve a balance of age and gender in the national labor force and to recruit people with an immigrant

background. Immigrants are encouraged to apply for the position. Information about applicants may be open to public inspection

according to the Freedom of Information Act.

Further information about the position is available by contacting Head of Department Karoline Daugstad, phone +47 73 59 16 58 or email

An application including attachments must be sent electronically through:

Attachments may also be sent to: NTNU, Faculty of Social Sciences and Technology Management, NO-7491 Trondheim, Norway.

Please mark the application SVT-1247.

Application deadline: 28 November 2015.


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